Rev. Vernon & Deci Perera

Founder Pastors, 
Calvary Centre, Ja Ela, Sri Lanka

Founder Members, 
King's International College, 
Kapuwatta, Sri Lanka 

It was 1979, I was newly married and my wife was expecting our first child. We were a small church back then and had many challenges of our own. It was then that the Lord brought a family with 4 children into our lives, whose parents found it challenging to feed them leave alone educate them. We took it upon ourselves to feed them and educate them and almost 40 years later we have 100's more that we support through what we call a childcare program. 

But much more happened through this relationship, as both my wife and I developed a deep passion and desire to do much more than feeding the children and sending them to school. We wanted to get involved in educating them as well. In 2003, many circumstances and events led us to a point where we knew that we had to move forward with the school project. 

With the help of some friends we purchased a land in Kapuwatta, and in 2011 we saw a God-given dream become a reality. Starting with just 37 Children, today we have over 140 children.

 We all have a short time on earth before we leave everything that is material back on earth. But one thing we can do is to invest in the future generations. Everyone does not come from an affluent background, all of us might not have stable homes, there are children that don't have someone to inspire and challenge them to reach their potential, in such occasions we take it upon ourselves to ensure that they have a safe environment to grow both in knowledge and character. 

It is our dream that Long after we are gone, the vision will continue and this school will go on to touch lives, impacting generations to come.